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"One Track Mind" - Texas music from Bill McNeal

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Bill McNeal’s songs range from bittersweet and ironic to tongue-in-cheek country talking blues. A singer/songwriter and recovering trial lawyer from Central Texas, Bill has been writing and performing his original songs in parlors and around riverbottom and creekbottom campfires for years. He finally decided to follow the encouragement of friends and fellow musicians and record them for the enjoyment of others.

“One Track Mind” on Texmuse Records presents twelve of Bill’s originals in his first CD release. Produced by Paul Pearcy and engineered by the Eastside Flash at Flashpoint Studios in Austin, the CD contains outstanding performances by some of Austin’s most respected studio musicians, including Kenny Grimes, Glenn Fukunaga, Billy Bright, Richard Bowden and Cindy Cashdollar, which showcase Bill’s relaxed lead vocals. “One Track Mind” is a musical experience that will call the listener back for more.

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Track No. Title Time Play Stop File Size Price Buy mp3
01   Waiting on a Woman 2:49 2.59 MB $0.79
02   One Track Mind 2:24 2.20 MB $0.79
03   No One Here to Fool But Me 4.51 4.44 MB $0.79
04   I Hadn't Planned 2:44 2.51 MB $0.79
05   Positive Thinking 4:30 4.13 MB $0.79
06   Angel in My Bottle 3:10 2.89 MB $0.79
07   Where the Wildwood Weeps 3:16 2.98 MB $0.79
08   In the Middle of the Night 2:55 2.67 MB $0.79
09   Hangdog Saloon 4:08 3.77 MB $0.79
10   Searching for the Holy Grail 3:28 3.17 MB $0.79
11   One More Beer and I'll Call Barbara 4:32 4.15 MB $0.79
12   When We Pray 2:59 2.73 MB $0.79

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